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    The Quote Illustration Project by Tang Yau Hoong.

    (via We And The Color)

    (Source: tangyauhoong.com)

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    Blood and Like. 

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    Joaquin Alvarez Limón @ MIAMI AD SCHOOL (USA) for Raid

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    Danny Dyer narrates the John Lewis advert. 

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    Bupa - Born to walk.

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    http://www.happyhourvirus.com/ - a techy get out of work free card 

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    More awesome outdoor

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    Fun with the new twitter format by https://twitter.com/Charlottehugh1/status/396236626088566784/photo/1 

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    Birdhouse security http://www.animal-farm.co.za/?p=1

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    Invisible family. 

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    Y&R (UK) for Marks & Spencer